Irish Elk Media’s Vision

“Our desire is to express the heart of God, revealing the majesty of Jesus, through consecrated lives and giftings, redeeming music, art and media through a business model that also reflects His passions.”

Many of you may have asked, “What is an Irish Elk? Why that name for a company?” An Irish Elk was an “extinct”, (with occasional sightings), giant mule deer that stood roughly 10 feet tall at the brow and had a rack of antlers 12 feet wide! With this rack, the Irish Elk stood 15 feet tall! This is what elk used to look like, over two to three times the size of elk and deer we see roaming around today. Although modern elk are seemingly impressive, they are mere shadows of those who came before. They pale in comparison and leave onlookers desirous of beholding the majesty of the ancient elk.

The concept of the Irish Elk is for us as believers to once again represent what Christianity used to look like and what the Word of God itself describes our maturity as. Paul described it as “the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ” (Eph 4:13). He’s speaking of His body! When we look back through history, we see men & women of God who stood tall and looked like Jesus himself, they displayed the glory and grandeur of the One who was their pattern. Their very shadows healed people because of the One dwelling within them. However, as in the case of the modern day elk, many of us have become content with the Christianity we see around us and have allowed the Standard to become extinct, with occasional rare sightings! This is why when we do see an authentic, tried and true believer, we are amazed.

At Irish Elk Media, we desire to bring art, through music, video and film, fitting with the Standard that will glorify God, bring honor to Him, and through His Spirit draw men & women closer to the life of Jesus. Our heart is to refuse to settle for what is acceptable to much of Christianity around us. We aspire to heights in Christ that are not polluted by mixture or compromise. Irish Elk is a company dedicated to living, releasing, and promoting undiluted Truth for the purposes of equipping the church and advancing the Kingdom of God!

How can we do this? Only when we remove the desire to glorify ourselves and give our God given gifts wholeheartedly back to Him. Music and media are powerful mediums and can communicate truth & beauty to a soul in unique ways, this has been corrupted by many and used to win personal fame & fortune but the goal of staff & artists here at Irish Elk Media is to win fame for Jesus Christ. We believe God’s heart longs for us to give voices to the poor, persecuted & marginalized in this world while proclaiming the gospel message of the Great Love of our Creator.

For His Name’s Sake,

The Irish Elk Family