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Teach my hands to fight so they won’t grow tired
Cause my eyes to see thru the darkness deep
Battles may get fierce but I shall know no fear
I won’t look to the left or right
But to the cross before mine eyes
But to the cross before mine eyes

My hand is bound upon thy sword
To spend my life is your reward
To You my king belongs the crown
So pour me out for Your renown

I surrender all, yield before Your throne
Crush, test and try, Lord, make me strong
Till I’ve been refined and fully fortified
To fight for the frail and lost
And bear the anguish of Your heart
To bear the anguish of Your heart

I’ll fight for the frail and lost
And bear the anguish of Your heart
Bear the anguish of Your heart


This song was birthed after I was awakened to the fact that we are all in a spiritual war. When we were writing this song I felt like I could almost hear horses galloping and snorting, the Mighty Lion roaring and the ring of swords being ripped from their sheaths. The first verse was simply my prayer and longing that God would make me ready for the fight, for the plan that He has for me in His Kingdom. The whole song was carried along by the inspiration of the countless men and women in Christian History who have given up and surrendered their lives in the service of Jesus Christ.

This song was also inspired by Call to Anguish by David Wilkerson/Bravehearted Thots.


Dorm Room #112 on the Ellerslie campus in summer of 2010.  Ella was pregnant with her daughter, Annabelle, and about to burst. She sang leaning back a bit.  The air conditioner made all kinds of noise. It wasn’t the studio sessions in Nashville either of us were accustomed to.  Our families had known each other all of two weeks. It was an instant God connection between our two families. I’ll discuss our backgrounds another time.

We were motivated after hearing a message about Eleazor and two others defying the Philistines when the rest of Israel fled. He obviously knew something that no one else did.  His motivation was different from the rest of the army, Israel’s army.  For he was one of David’s mighty men. He knew his leader. He would die for his leader.  It invigorated him with motivation, I believe, with no fear of death.  Due to natural weariness he binds his hand to his sword, to his weapon, to his offense, to the Word, to His God, and not only stands, but advances with an understanding of the one he fought for.

Do we know our God, His nature, and are we motivated to please the One to whom enlisted us?  Or are we all too often the majority who flees at the sight of adversity, a bigger enemy, greater odds?  I would love to say I never waiver and advance when all is impossible without my Jesus.  Our lack of growth, however, sometimes is simply because we have no vision of where or who we should be.  May our hearts be moved by the heart of Jesus, and no other.  May we be graced to have the anguish of His heart.