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Only is your heart at ease and troubled mind is calm
Unsustained soul finds it’s peace when you fix your eyes on Mine

When your spirit’s hunger to satisfy
Unlasting things you try
Only restlessness will find it’s way
Once temporary pleasures are gone

Let thankfulness be your sacrifice
Don’t give in to hopelessness

In Me you have everything you need for life and godliness

Come away, come away
Come and gaze upon My face
Holy, Holy is My Name, Yah-wey
Come behold the sacrifice
Living waters flow down from My side

If you only knew the plans that I have for you!
Don’t let doubt in your heart
I cannot lie

Come away
Stretch forth your hand
At the banquet table of the Lamb

Come away, come away
I will breathe
Awake the wind!
Come away, come away
Come and drink
Come be filled
Come away, come away
And be still and know that I am God

I started this song in 2005 shortly after being saved. I felt a genuine urgency from the Lord to fix my eyes upon Him, turn my back on the temporary pleasures of this life and call upon Him as the source and the center of all joy. I struggled during the writing process and was so puzzled as to why I coudn’t move forward with it for a long time after finishing the first verses.

Years later I had just had my third child and I remember feeling so tired and overwhelmed with the challenges of life in general. My husband was traveling a lot during this season too, but I felt God speaking to me the same thing over and over again:

“Let thankfulness be your sacrifice, Don’t give in to hopelessness. IN Me you have everything you need for life and godliness. Come away, keep your eyes stayed on me and I will give you My perfect peace. Be still.”

They where the exact words I needed to hear at that time.

The theme for Leslie Ludy’s 2014 Set-Apart Girl conference was “Come Away”. When Leslie asked Steve and I to lead worship I felt like it was time to finish this song. I wrote down the groaning of the Holy Spirit that I was experiencing and adding them to the awakening that I had 9 years earlier.

I’ve learned not to get frustrated any longer when I don’t seem to be able to finish a song. I can trust that the the Lord will finish the song He started in me in His own perfect timing. He knew, once again, I had to walk with Him longer, deeper and more intimately in order to articulate His precious call presented in this song.