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Open up my eyes to see the glory of your cross,
and the majesty of choosing beauty in a crown of thorns.

Your word is true, impossible to lie,
Yet all this time your Word I’ve undermined.

If indeed you truly are, what your Word has shown,
Then why am I still ruling sitting on Your precious throne?

I’ve lived my life following my heart,
A heart that’s full of sin, deceit and guile.

I must die..
Daily die..
Crucified with Jesus Christ, I yield my life,
Exchanged for Thine, Your breath for mine.

In You alive..

Greater is the One in me, than he who’s in the world,
Clothed in the robe of righteousness and harnessed by your Word.

The old is gone, You’ve joined me to your Son,
The victory’s been won by Your great Love.

I have died..
Crucified with Jesus Christ, I yield my life,
Exchanged for Thine, Your breath for mine.

I yield my life, exchanged for Thine, Your breath for mine!

In You alive..

This song is my testimony and declaration of faith. I lived my life going to church but never really surrendering my life like is so clearly required by God in His Word. I was happy to serve Jesus, just as long as I was comfortable and on the throne of my life. We’re constantly told, both in the world and in the church, that we should “follow our hearts” and “believe in ourselves”. But the Word of God says that the human heart is wicked, and who can know it? I wasted so many years trying to be cool and having no idea that I’m supposed to be like Jesus if I claim that I’m a Christian. My whole life I had bought the lie that said I must increase so that God can increase but with John the Baptist I now know that “I must decrease, so Christ can increase”.

I remember the day my wife and children and I were driving across the country and I had the opportunity to read while my wife drove for a bit. Suddenly, I shouted out in the car, “I’m dead! I mean, I’m really dead!” Imagine the response from my family :) That moment the revelation of Romans 6 hit me like a profound brick across the forehead. His death was my death. His life is my life. Stunning. The Gospel. I had walked with the Lord all those years and never seen this simple, and foundational truth essential to my walk with Him. This song articulates our Romans 6 experience.